The Lizard Island Reef Research Foundation

The Lizard Island Reef Research Foundation proudly supports coral reef research at the Lizard Island Research Station.

Lizard Island Surroundings 3

Lizard Island Surroundings 3
Photographer: Anne Hoggett © Australian Museum

Since its inception in 1978, The Lizard Island Reef Research Foundation has raised more than $8 million to support the work of the Research Station. A 2013 publication, Lizard Island Research - a Partnership outlines the history of the relationship between the Australian Museum and the Lizard Island Reef Research Foundation.

The Research Station is seeking to sustain its current operations, expand its Fellowships & Grants program, enhance its function as a Biodiversity Hub and further energise its engagement with science students and visitors.

You can support these and other projects by making a donation to the Foundation. Donations are tax-deductible within Australia.

The Lizard Island Reef Research Foundation recognises several levels of support:

  1. Friends have given up to $999 in the current or previous financial year
  2. Members have given $1,000 or more in the current or previous financial year. Some Members also donate in the names of their children and grandchildren. Some give larger amounts to fund specific fellowships or particular capital items such as research vessels, laboratories, aquaria and solar power installations.
  3. Family Members have given $2,000 or more in the current or previous financial year and who prefer it to be recognised as a family donation.
  4. Life Members have given $100,000 or more, or who have pledged to give this amount over a period of up to five years. We are fortunate to have a number of wonderful supporters who have become Life Members. 
  5. Corporate Members are companies who have given more than $10,000.
  6. Patrons are appointed by the Foundation's board of trustees in recognition of their substantial contributions to the affairs of the Foundation.

Current supporters receive an annual newsletter to keep them in touch with the Research Station's activities and developments. As well, they are welcome to tour the Research Station when they visit Lizard Island.

Each year, the Foundation hosts a dinner in Sydney and a luncheon in Melbourne for Members and guests. Members are also entered into a raffle each year to win a fabulous holiday at the Lizard Island Resort, thanks to Delaware North Corporation.


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 ^ deceased

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Dr Anne Hoggett , Director, Lizard Island Research Station
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