Search fish images by keyword

Simply type the word 'fishes' followed by your keywords into the box at the bottom of the screen.  Use any order or combination. Too easy!

Search fish images by keyword

Search fish images by keyword
Photographer: Mark McGrouther © Australian Museum

In the image above the website has been searched for all fishes using the search term 'red'

Here are some examples to try;

  • 'fishes red yellow' (to view images of red and yellow fishes)
  • 'fishes seahorse'
  • 'fishes big eye red'
  • 'fishes long fins grey'
  • 'fishes long and skinny'
  • 'fishes brown spots'
  • 'fishes gill'

You can view the results as a gallery of images or alternatively, click the Web tab to list pages on the site relevant to your search.

Mark McGrouther , Collection Manager, Ichthyology
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