Image: Ocean Blue-eye Trevalla, Schedophilus labyrinthicus

Ocean Blue-eye Trevalla, Schedophilus labyrinthicus

A 45 cm long (1.5 - 2 kg)  Ocean Blue-eye Trevalla caught at a depth of about 170 m at Allmark Mountain, approximagely 25 nautical miles north-east of Port Stephens, New South Wales, August 2014.

Lee Harkness
© Lee Harkness


Thank you to Ken Graham for his help identifying the fish. Ken wrote that identifying the fish was "Not easy from the image but it may be Schedophilus labyrinthicus i.e. 'Ocean Blue-eye Trevalla': the eye looks relatively small and mouth small, only reaching front of eye. The origin of the second dorsal fin also seems well forward as in Schedophilus (cf. Hyperoglyphe antarctica, Blue-eye Trevalla, where it is almost to the rear of the pectoral).

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