Image: Ken Ward Emu Egg Side 1

Ken Ward Emu Egg Side 1

This egg shows scenes of stockman activities, which were also popular among Aboriginal carvers of wooden objects, such as boomerangs from the 1930s to 1950s.

Ken Ward is a non-Aboriginal artist who often carves pastoral scenes. He worked as stockman-jackaroo and overseer on sheep and cattle properties in New South Wales and Queensland before acquiring his own property near Bourke, New South Wales. The farming industry owes a great debt to Aboriginal people as they provided the backbone of labour and taught new arrivals how to survive harsh conditions in many parts of the country. Ken worked closely with many Aboriginal stockmen, learning to carve emu eggs prior to World War II. Notable recipients of his work include H.M. Queen Elizabeth II and former US president Ronald Reagan.

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Iluvbiscuit - 1.03 PM, 16 March 2010
Wow!! this is impressive that would have took some time and effort :O

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