What's on: Workshop: Treating Arachnophobia

Calling all arachnophobes! Run by clinical psychologists, this half-day workshop brings you closer to overcoming your fears.

Spider web

Spider web
Photographer: Martyn Wright  © Creative Commons

Event Type:
Special event
13 May 2017 to 13 May 2017
09.30 AM to 01.00 PM
Australian Museum
$129 - General Admission, $119 - Concession, $109 - Museum Members

After a sold-out first session, we are once again inviting arachnophobes to take part in a half-day workshop with clinical psychologist Dr Sophie Li designed help you to start putting your fear of spiders behind you.

Using cognitive behavioural therapy, including controlled exposure, and live demonstrations, the workshop will lead you through the process of confronting and overcoming your fears. Imagine encountering a spider without feeling the urge to escape, even feeling calm and confident? If this seems impossible for you, you’re not alone. Millions of otherwise rational people are terrified of spiders. Spiders can inspire panic, sweating, nausea, rapid heartbeat and more.

Arachnophobes are invited to participate in this specially-designed workshop run in conjunction with Australian Museum’s hugely popular Spiders exhibition. Step through a series of simple and effective exercises in a safe and supportive environment. Participate in group activities, observe demonstrations and finally move to small-group “spider stations” for controlled exposure designed to help you face and conquer your phobia once and for all.

In this workshop you will:  

  • be introduced to the rationale behind cognitive behavioural and exposure therapies
  • identify your own thoughts and beliefs about spiders
  • learn factual information about spiders and their safe handling
  • observe their simple, safe handling
  • complete exposure tasks yourself in a nurturing and supportive environment and;
  • leave with a maintenance plan for any future spider interactions and for managing your own anxiety


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