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Researchers - contact LIRS if you want to be put in touch with any of the people listed below.

Available Jan to Sep 2017

Hi my name is Samantha and I am interested in gaining hands-on research experience at Lizard Island Research Station. I recently completed a MSc in Marine Biology & Ecology at James Cook University in Townsville and have commenced another MSc in Fisheries Biology & Management to further my education. I am currently available from January to September 2017. However, please contact me to enquire about my immediate availabilities.

I am currently a PADI and AQF Rescue Diver (over 90 dives) and majority of my diving has been done on the Great Barrier Reef. I have experience assisting with scientific research as a scuba diver through Reef Check Australia and James Cook University. As a Reef Health Surveyor Diver with Reef Check Australia, I followed the Reef Check protocol to conduct benthic substrate, invertebrate, and impact surveys along transects while scuba diving on coral reefs in the Central and Northern sections of the Great Barrier Reef. The data collected is used to regularly monitor and report on the overall health of the Great Barrier Reef. This position required me to collaborate with a team of volunteers with different backgrounds and skillsets to coordinate research. I am also on the James Cook University Dive Register and I have assisted with James Cook University field work and research that required scuba diving, including a trip to the Keppel Islands off the coast of SE Queensland, Australia to examine the impact of sedimentation on inshore coral reefs. In addition, I have undertaken several dives at Reef HQ Aquarium to test out the functionality of electronic datasheets that can be used underwater on an iPad with an iDive case to capture data. I also have a Queensland Recreational Boat License and I am familiar with the operation of light, motorized watercrafts.

I am a quick learner, very detail oriented, and hard-working. I have undertaken fieldwork at Orpheus Island Research Station, Heron Island Research Station, and the Keppel Islands so I have experience working in remote locations with limited resources and shared accommodation. I am comfortable with physically and mentally demanding work: long, irregular hours, environmental extremes (heat, cold, wind, rain), and tasks requiring strength, dexterity, and mental acuity. I am low maintenance and very easy-going. I work well both independently and coordinating tasks in a team environment.

I have the following qualifications:
- PADI and AQF Rescue Diver (over 90 dives)
- PADI Reef Health Surveyor Diver
- First Aid
- Advanced Resuscitation & CPR
- Australian Standard AS 2299 (Occupational Diver) Medical
- Queensland Recreational Boat License
- Inducted onto the JCU Dive Register
- Inducted as a SCUBA Diver with Reef Check Australia
- Inducted as a SCUBA Diver at Reef HQ Aquarium

I keen to assist with any opportunities that may become available. Please contact me if you find that I am a suitable research volunteer. Registered 25 October 2016

Available March 2017 onwards

My name is Susie and I am really interested in volunteering at the Lizard Island Research Station.

I have recently graduated with a BSc in marine science and conservation biology from University of Western Australia. I also have a diverse experience working as a field research assistant and in aquariums monitoring tanks and looking after fishy friends. I have worked in a wide range of environments with various different animals including fish, marine sea turtles, Western Rock Lobster, common bottlenose dolphins and whales. I have done a lot of BRUVs (baited remote underwater video) analysis, looking at southern fish assemblages in Princess Royal Harbour, Albany. I have also worked as a field assistant collecting data on the abalone season for Department of Fisheries, WA. I also have a Rescue Dive Certificate and extensive scuba diving experience.

I would love the chance to make a positive contribution toward marine conservation in this unique part of the world. I’m essentially asking if I can get involved in any way. I am open to all opportunities. Registered 9 Dec 2016

Available May to September 2017

My name is Philippa, originally from the UK, but for the last 16 months I have been working as a Scuba Instructor and underwater photographer/ videographer in Maldives. I am available from May 2017 to September 2017, after which I have an unconditional offer to study MSc in Tropical Marine Biology in the UK. Despite this I would prefer to find a pathway in to this field through working and experience; therefore I am willing to defer my studies if an opportunity arises for me to get directly participate in projects or on going research, and give me experience and knowledge necessary to get more involved.

If accepted, I would be travelling to Australia specifically for this opportunity at Lizard Island, and I understand I would have to obtain an AS 2299 dive medical prior to arrival on Lizard Island, and my certification as an EFR instructor and OWSI would cover first aid requirements. Alongside working as a PADI Instructor and photographer/ videographer, I also give briefings to the resort staff and the management team regarding marine life and water safety, I have been monitoring and supervising the coral rejuvenation project here on our small island, and assisted UCIN Maldives in surveying the reef on our island, identifying potential zones for protection. I own all my own dive and underwater photography equipment, and I am enthusiastic to gain more knowledge and skills directly applicable to the environments in which I have spent so much time. Registered 1 April 2017

Available February to September in both 2017 and 2018

My partner and I (Dean and Ann) are very interested in signing up to the volunteer register for Lizard Island. We are both New Zealand residents (British citizens) and employed by National Institute of Water and Air (NIWA). We have recently been involved with an ocean acidification trial here at NIWA. We are both available annually from February to September.

We are happy to travel to Australia for the opportunity to assist in research and we are lucky that NIWA encourage personal development and have their support for leave. We are both Marine Biology students, studying our final year whilst working, and we are very passionate about the ocean and in particular coral reefs. We travelled to Papua New Guniea as part of our course to carry out coral reef surveys and have plenty of personal experience (600+ dives) diving on coral reefs. We are both PADI dive instructors. Our most recent diving has been here in NZ but our most recent coral reef dives were in Komodo and Raja Ampat last year.

We are both easy going hard workers keen to enjoy life and get as much experience as possible. We are no stranger to island life and the challenges one can face but are able to take it all in our stride. Should our NZ medicals and first aid certifications not meet the requirement for the AS2299 then we would be more than willing to complete these in Australia should we be accepted into a research team. Registered 2 April 2017

Available August to November 2017

My name is Pierce *** and I am writing to you in regards to the Lizard Island Volunteer Research Assistant program. My current residency is on the Gold Coast, Queensland. I am an Australian citizen and am available from August to November 2017, however I am very keen to assist with any opportunities earlier or later than the stated dates.

I am very interested in this position as it is an extraordinary opportunity to explore the Great Barrier Reef, as well as allowing me to delve into my passion of the marine world and assist with vital research.

My diving experience comprises of both recreational and commercial diving. For the past 12 months, I have been working full time as a Commercial Diver.

Below are my relevant qualifications and certificates:
- PADI Rescue and Enriched Air Diver;
- 21 Recreational Dives, most recent on 15/01/17;
- ADAS Part 2 Commercial Diver;
- Over 200 logged dives in past 12 months;
- These dives varied from 30 minutes to 3 hours in bottom time;
- Tasks included animal health checks and husbandry, capture and relocation of sharks, rays, turtles, dolphins and fish, feeding and monitoring of rehabilitation animals, use of underwater tools and machinery, cleaning and inspection of vessels;
- 180+ hours of diving in past 12 months;
- ASNZ 2299 Dive medical - Last medical 27/04/17;
- Emergency First Aid Certificate;
- Medical Oxygen Administration;
- Recreation boat licence;
- White Card;
- Manual Drivers License

Prior to my commercial diving career, I studied a Bachelor of Marine Biology at the Australian Maritime College, Tasmania. After successfully completing my first year, I deferred to pursue diving. During this year of university, I completed many practical tasks based on the marine environment as well as multiple research assignment and trips.

I am a very hard worker and quick learner who takes pride in completing all tasks to the best of my ability. I am always enthusiastic and highly motivated with a can do attitude. I have a happy and optimistic persona, and can work well in both team situations as well as individually.

I am a non-smoker and eat almost anything; I love cooking and consider myself quite good at it. I always clean up after myself and like living in a clean and tidy environment.

I am very excited for the opportunity to assist with any and all researchers whom may find my skills and assistance helpful to their research. Registered 31 May 2017

Available September 2017 to February 2018

My name is Emily and I am currently living in Broome Western Australia. I am interested in becoming a research volunteer on Lizard Island as I have recently graduated with a BSc in Marine Science from Murdoch University WA and am wanting to gain field experience, especially coral reef experience as this is what I am most interested in. I am able to volunteer from September 2017 to February 2018 and can travel to Lizard Island easily during this time.

I am a PADI Open water dive instructor with 200+ dives. I was teaching for 2 years in Perth. My most recent diving was done on the Ningaloo Reef in Coral Bay WA. With many dives done on reef around Rottnest Island. If accepted into the research team I am willing to obtain all necessary certification such as a recent dive medical. I hold a senior first aid certificate as well as medical oxygen administration. I am also a EFR instructor. I am a vegetarian but eat all vegetarian food and am happy to cook! I would love to to learn from experienced researches about our Coral Reef system and conservation of it! Registered 25 July 2017

Available Nov 2017 to Sep 2018

My name is Agathe, I am French and I graduated from 2 Masters in Oceanography (UPMC, France) in 2015 and in Coral reefs biodiversity and management (EPHE, France) in 2016.

I am actually looking for new opportunities to work on a research centre where lab work and field work in coral reef ecosystems can easily be mixed. I would gladly travel to Australia and Lizard Island to help on one or several research projects, for short or long periods. I am available from November 2017 to September 2018.

I am a 3 star level scuba diver since 2010 (CMAS, same as the PADI Rescue Diver cert.) and a scientific scuba diver since 2012 (French official cert.: CAH IB from the INPP). I have 180 logged dives with approx. 80 scientific dives done in French Polynesia during my MSc internships at the CRIOBE (Moorea), and 10 others in Brittany (France) for a scientific diving training. I had the opportunity to practice in diverse marine environments such as the English Western Channel, the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, the GBR, the Caribbean Sea and finally the Pacific Ocean. I also hold a French boat licence since 2006.

My previous research internships mainly focused on the processes governing fish larval dispersal ecology such as behaviour (temperate and tropical environments) and the impact of anthropogenic and environmental stresses on adult’s reproduction physiology (tropical env.). The results of two studies have been accepted with one published in 2015. I am also very interested on studying the biology and ecology of other taxa such as corals, turtles, sharks and rays, marine plankton and other invertebrates (e.g. sea slugs, echinoderms, jellyfishes, etc.).

During my two previous internships at the CRIOBE, I gained extensive experience in fieldwork and laboratory work techniques. These internships strengthened my organizational skills, my rigour and my autonomy since I had intense fieldwork (daily in situ experiments with boat driving and SCUBA), and because I was responsible for all the logistics of the project and the training of new students. Being extremely passionate about coral reef biodiversity and keen on learning new research techniques, I volunteered to help other technicians and students working on corals (benthic surveys), reef fish (dissections), cyanobacteria-sea slugs symbiosis (sampling, sorting), and sharks (behaviour, tagging).

If I am accepted into a research team at LIRS, I will do everything to obtain an AS 2299 dive medical in Australia prior to the trip and I will obtain training and certification in first aid and medical oxygen administration as demanded.

Having lived in a large student community, with 4 people-shared rooms, for almost a year in French Polynesia, I fully understand that some rules, peculiar to the life in a research centre and on a small tropical island, need to be followed and accepted. This is an experience I deeply wish to repeat. I am a non-smoker and I like to participate to cooking duties. Registered 19 Sep 2017


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